Message From Father Gregory


Fr. Gregory Safchuck, Rector

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Life is cyclical. By God’s design and providence, the seasons come and go in order each year. The earth responds. So too the cosmos. Orbits and systems, apogees and perigees – a symphony of orchestrated motion. In our own way, we humans keep time with it. Our calendars reflect God’s time and movement.

We have just begun our Orthodox liturgical new year calendar. With it comes the first major feast day: The Nativity of the Theotokos. Her birth marks it’s beginning and her death in August is the last feast commemorated each year. Ponder this. In the span of her life, is our life.


She is symbolic of the church. Iconographically this is true as well. Her womb is “more spacious than the heavens”. Christ dwells within her as He desires to dwell within each one of us. As we consider a new beginning, consider our vocation to become living temples of God’s Holy Spirit.

In Christ,
Fr. Gregory

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