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St. Mark Weekly Bulletin

This Week’s Bulletin: Apr 28th, 2024 – Palm Sunday

Last Week’s Bulletin: Apr 21st, 2024 – St. Mary of Egypt – Tone 5

St. Mark Newsletter – The Evangelizer

The Evangelizer is the newsletter for St. Mark. Its purpose is to inform parishioners of the events going on at St. Mark and includes articles of interest for everyone. Article and photo submissions to the Evangelizer should be directed to Sharon Carter. Click on the links below to open the current or previous editions of the Evangelizer, enjoy!

2023 October/November/December Evangelizer
2023 July/August/September Evangelizer
2023 April/May/June Evangelizer
2023 January/February/March Evangelizer

2022 October/November/December Evangelizer
2022 July/August/September Evangelizer
2022 April/May/June Evangelizer
2022 January/February/March Evangelizer

2021 October/November/December Evangelizer
2021 July/August/September Evangelizer
2021 April/May/June Evangelizer
2021 January/February/March Evangelizer

2020 October/November/December Evangelizer
2020 July/August/September Evangelizer
2020 April/May/June Evangelizer
2020 January/February/March Evangelizer

2019 October/November/December Evangelizer
2019 July/August/September Evangelizer
2019 April/May/June Evangelizer
2019 January/February/March Evangelizer

2018 October/November/December Evangelizer
2018 July/August/September Evangelizer
2018 April/May/June Evangelizer
2018 January/February/March Evangelizer

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Telephone Tree

The telephone tree is used to inform parishioners who do not have internet access with important information and events. Whenever there is a death, accident, or sickness of one of our parishioners, the telephone tree is utilized to inform everyone as soon as possible of the occurrence. Each person that is called is required to call two other people to pass-on the information. If the person you call is not available, then you are required to call that person’s two people so there is no lapse in the continuity of the telephone tree. If you would like to be on the telephone tree list, please contact Sharon Carter.

Emergency Evacuation Plan

Click here for the St. Mark evacuation plan and duties of the St. Mark Evacuation Brigade (SMEB).